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Online Certification: 30 Pack

$28.95 / Seat

Save over $300 on this package with a price of only $28.95 (or only $30.64 Canadian) per certification!*


Save over $300 (over $319 Canadian) on this package with a price of only $28.95 (or only $30.64 Canadian) per certification!*

Tanning training in the classroom isn’t right for everyone. Even if it is, sometimes a class isn’t available in your area, or when you need it, especially if you live in a remote area of the U.S. like Montana, North Dakota, or distant parts of Canada, such as Saskatchewan or Manitoba. That’s where online certification training comes in.

Our online tanning course works around your busy schedule. You choose when to study. Go online after normal business hours or on weekends. Study for a little while during your lunch break or after the kids have gone to bed. You will still get the heart of the training program from the training manual which has been well–written for ease of understanding. Any tanning course related questions can be answered by email or a simple phone call to our office. Online tanning training covers the basics of skin and ultraviolet light exposure, real biological effects, customer service skills that are tanning industry specific, and beginner tanning equipment maintenance skills. We will also prepare you to deal with some of those myths and unique questions and issues that come into the salon such as the legend of the roasted tanner, whether or not it is okay to use a cell phone in a tanning bed, how to deal with the under–the–influence customer who falls asleep and never leaves the tanning room, and what to do when a customer wants to bring other people or even animals into the tanning room with them. Salon and solarium training is now more accessible and convenient than ever!

NOTE: Louisiana still requires classroom–based certification training as the only means of certification. We are not yet approved in New Hampshire and Oregon. Should you choose to participate in our online training program in Louisiana, New Hampshire or Oregon, you will still receive excellent information, however, your State agency will not honor your online training certificate.

*Outside the U.S., add $4.00 ($5.00 Canadian) to offset the the cost of shipping each salon’s certificates.