Onsite Training

Sometimes the listed class schedule doesn’t meet your requirements. If a class is too far away, on the wrong day or at a bad time, call us at 1-888-826-7297. Surprisingly affordable, on-site training is available when and where you need it.

Photo of Students Studying for Tanning Dynamics
Order Onsite Training…

Sometimes it just makes sense to bring the training expert to your doorstep. Depending on state law, training can be completely customized to meet your training requirements. Some salon owners want both the course and testing to be completed in 4 hours so that they can maintain a tight labor budget. Others want to allow more time to emphasize safety issues, customer service and/or operational requirements. Whatever the need, let us know. Call us for pricing in your area.

How Do I Schedule On-Site Training?

It’s easiest to call us toll-free first. If it’s after hours and you would like to do some advance planning, start by checking our current Class Schedule. This will provide an initial idea of what dates are already booked. We don’t list all of our existing on-site classes on the class schedule, so an open date doesn’t always translate into schedule availability. When you’ve found one or two possible dates, call to be sure the desired date is available.

What Are the Benefits of Onsite Training?

  • You determine the convenient time and place for class. As long as there is an opening in our schedule we can be there.
  • You receive a class that is customized for your people, rather than generalized for multiple salons with various trade and operational practices.
  • You save huge expenses on travel and labor for multiple employees.

What Are the Requirements?

  • Number of persons — Classes can be held for a minimum of 3 people and no maximum limits.
  • Meeting room — The salon owner or designee should be prepared to secure adequate meeting space for training. If there are any questions on whether a room might be deemed acceptable, call us. You’ll find us to be quite flexible. We’ve often conducted training in the front lobby of the salon or in a break room.
  • Meeting room contents — At a minimum, your instructor will need a wall to shine a projector image onto, a small table for the laptop and projector, an extension cord, and chairs for the attendees.

Are There Any Recommendations?

Certainly. To make the session run as smoothly as possible, we recommend the following:

  • Provide pens and pads of paper for all attendees. While many employees are conscientious, some either forget or don’t consider the nature of this class. A lot of testable material will be covered, and few have the memory to recall everything they need to know for the test without taking notes.
  • Depending on the time length and time frame of the class, it’s often helpful to provide at least snacks for the attendees. Many salon owners will order pizza or sub sandwiches delivered in so that class can continue with minimal down time. For those paying their employees to attend, this also saves time on labor.

How Much Will It Cost?

We have set rates for conducting on-site training. The pricing structures are based on travel distance and the class size. Depending on the size of your group, we may be able to waive our travel fees. On-site training is more expensive than our public classes, but is also more affordable than most people think, especially when you factor in the considerable savings in you and your staff’s personal time and your labor expenses. Call us for your free customized quote.