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Classroom-based training is the most effective form of training, but there are drawbacks.  All attendees have to coordinate their varied schedules to show up at the designated location, date and time.  Fees for these seminars are typically much higher, and sometimes extensive travel to get to the training site is also required, adding to the overall expense per person.  If the session lasts long enough, you are freed for an hour to go find and pay for lunch, again adding to your total cost. 

That was the way it was done back in 1994 when we first started. In 2006, we recognized a need for a form of education where a student didn’t have to make special trips and pay difficult-to-afford costs for becoming certified.

Enter online training. No more excessive travel costs and higher priced seminar fees. Convenience is tailored to your personal schedule because you study when it’s convenient and test whenever you want to.  If you’re ready to take the online test at 2:00 a.m., we’re always ready to accommodate your testing needs.  What’s even better is that as soon as you pass the test, you can print off a copy of your certificate without waiting a long time to have it sent in the mail. 

This is focused education in both a time-efficient and cost-efficient format.  What could be better?  Are you ready to get started?


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